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Subtitling Basics

Subtitles refer to captions shown at the base of a screen that either translates or transcribes verbatim the speech or narrative ensuing in films, TV shows and other videos.

Subtitles refer to the display of dialogue. They are meant for patrons who cannot hear and prefer the display of dialogue on-screen for better understanding. Captions like subtitles display the spoken words and everything audible such as sound tracks, onomatopoeia and non-verbal cues.

General Information

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We accomplish the highest levels of quality for subtitles due to grammatical flawlessness, elegant display and scalpel-like synchronization. Our large pool of 1,000+Subtitlers has a knack for encoding subtitles in any style, language and materials. This allows us to outdistance competitors in the subtitling industry.

Ordering & Delivery

Our turnaround time starts running after you submit your files, during execution and delivery of the final product. Depending on your order, we can submit results in hourly, 24 hours or few-days.

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A handpicked subtitler, audiovisual translators and acoustic engineers will be involved in creating and editing your subtitles.

Equipped with revolutionary tools, we can create all types and formats subtitles such as XML or textual. Moreover, we can tweak subtitles into other formats or create captions.

Quality Control & Privacy

We’ve integrated a multi-tier quality assurance system that aims at removing errors, revamping quality and aligning output to client requirements. Dedicated project managers monitor project progress and final output.

Your data and personal details such as PayPal email address remain shielded under innovative software that maintains privacy. Extra authentication security layers such as VPN, banded firewalls and NDA clause safeguards confidentiality and privacy.

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