As expected, subtitles must appear on the video screen fully synchronized along with the original soundtrack. They are also positioned normally at the bottom of the screen and not supposed to block any part of the exciting scenes.

Subtitling Rates

Many dubbing and subtitling companies determine their market subtitling rates based on per minute basis. Other key factors are the availability of a native translator, project complexity, and additional requirements or instructions from the clients. Also, commonly-used languages are obviously cost less than other languages like Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Arabic.

On the average, subtitling rates at $2.50 per minute or may even reach $7 depending on the availability of talents and length of the video source. Unlike captioning, the original source must be transcribed first before it can be translated to another language.

Reasonable Video Captioning Rates Reward Service Providers More Opportunities

Video captioning provides easy video access for viewers with hearing impairment as well as for those who cannot comprehend the source language properly. As more and more service providers are introduced in the market, video captioning rates are also becoming more competitive. Ideally, captioning services are relatively less expensive than subtitling though both of them require burnt-in processes of text displays.

Affordable video captioning prices draw more potential clients and market expansion

Currently, video captioning rates are offered initially ranging from $1 to $10 per minute based on project complexity, qualifications of the native transcriber, and turnaround details. Some service providers offer different prices for open captioning, closed captioning, pop-up, and roll-up. Voice captioning also referred to as video description, are available on flexible rates between $5 and $15 per minute because this process requires voice recording in most cases.

Offering the clients pocket-friendly video captioning rates is enough reason to patronize the same captioning provider over and over again. Indeed, these rates for video captioning continue to become competitive as audio production companies and various organizations switch from conventional to an online application.

Factors Affecting Subtitling Translation Rates

Subtitling translation has grown into an in-demand form of service, supporting various organization, video production companies, and entertainment industries. Translation for subtitles aims to provide additional language options to accommodate more viewers using the same video source. Additional languages would mean extra charges or higher subtitling translation rates since these may require subsequent translation process from the original source to different dialects.

Subtitling translation rates are determined by the language required, available translators, source length, and volume of orders. Service providers charge around $5 to $15 per minute run time on the average depending on audio quality, delivery time, and talent expertise.

Advanced technology provides the necessary solutions to make captioned videos accessible for both the local market and the online world. Following the increasing demands in today’s digital world, Vanan complements worldwide organizations and online businesses with the best subtitling rates.

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